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Compete, practice, and earn with these 3 competition platforms

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One of the most important aspects of learning data science is actually putting your learnings into practice. Data science is, in my opinion, something that is best learned by doing.

If you are learning data science outside of formal education or work experience it can tricky to find places to…

Learn NLP for free with these fantastic resources

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Natural language processing, or NLP combines the fields of linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence to enable machines to extract meaning, insights and make predictions from text data.

The majority of modern organisations collect large quantities of text data from their customers and business operations in the form of emails…

Introducing a curated list of free resources for learning data science

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Over the last few years I have written serveral articles about learning data science using online resources. During my own learning journey I have identified some of the best free or low cost material available for learning data science.

I recently spent some time consolidating this list into this Github…

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